Indoor Private Lessons

A private lesson is the most effective way to progress and reach your personal riding goals so that you can ride more confidently, efficiently and have more fun on the trails. 

Every lesson begins with an in-depth rider assessment to develop the lesson around your current skill level and desired goals. Either select specific skills that you want to master or leave it to us to plan.


Available for men, women and youth ages eight and older.
All skill levels are encouraged. 

JOYRIDE 150 is the largest indoor bike park in Canada, with over 100,00 sq ft of riding for all abilities. Featuring beginner to expert sections, cross country trails, pump tracks, jump lines, skinnies, and much more, making it the perfect facility to keep working on your mountain bike goals and confidence during the colder months. 

Keep the progression    rolling   through the winter

The Benefits of a Private Lesson:

+ Focused one-on-one coaching.

+ Includes drills and exercises tailored specifically to your current skill level.

+ Immediate feedback and implementation to instill technique. We also incorporated video analysis.

+ Our unique and dynamic coaching methods allow you to progress quickly and safely.

+ Greater understanding of the relationship between you and your bike.

+ Guaranteed progress after one lesson and even further progression with multiple lessons.

What's Included:

+ Customized lesson plan

+ Discounted Joyride day pass

+ Post lesson report card (including video and material from the lesson)

+ Minii Adventures Swag


First time to Joyride or have some questions about the Park?


Take a look at Joyride's 'First Time Visitors' page to find out more. 



Rentals & Equipment Required


What to wear & bring with you:

Shoes for flat pedals (Five Tens, Vans, etc.)
Knee & Elbow pads (available to rent)
Helmet (mandatory, available to rent)
Attire of your choice (jeans and a t-shirt are recommended)
Mask/face covering
Water & Snacks 

Based on the park's design and depending on your goal of the lesson, we may suggest renting a dirt jumper bike (DJ).



2 Hour Private Lesson (1 rider)

Perfect for riders wanting focused one-on-one coaching. All skill levels are encouraged.


Prices are per lesson and subject to HST.


Private Lesson Package (1 rider)

3 x 2-Hour Lessons

The best way to progress your riding is through multiple lessons. This package is perfect for riders wanting focused one-on-one coaching. All skill levels are encouraged.


Price is per 3x2 hour lessons and subject to HST and travel fees (see below).

Must be used within 12 months of purchase date. Package cannot be shared.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that payment is due at the time of booking. 
If you need to cancel your reservation or can no longer attend, we will refund 50% of the reservation up to two full weeks before the lesson date or a credit for another lesson. After such date, no refunds will be given. 
Please contact us immediately regarding your cancellation at or 705-441-6221. 


COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

If any future lesson is cancelled due to COVID-19, you will receive an email and call about rescheduling, receiving a credit for a private lesson to be redeemed by 2022, or you may opt for a full refund. 

Charlotte has a really solid foundation of knowledge that she portrays in a way that everyone can understand. There was the perfect balance of demonstration, practice and trail application. 


A huge thank you to Charlotte for the lesson. It was truly a great day chalked full of skills and thrills that literally changed the way I ride. Coming from road, I wasn't really sure what I was doing...but now I know and how to apply it with confidence. It was just tops! 


A big thank you to Charlotte for an excellent mountain bike skills lesson. The skills I learned have changed how I ride and have most importantly, given me a new level of on-bike confidence.