An Encourager To Ignite Confidence And Fun

My joy and love of fitness and the outdoors sprouted from a simple object called the bicycle. The feeling of cycling brought me wonderment and freedom that I can share with others and myself.

I then branched out and competed for ten years in the downhill scene and raced at a provincial level, winning two provincial cups before transitioning to Enduro racing. 

The excitement of racing and travel dwindled when I entered university, completing a degree in business communications in Vancouver, B.C. Mountain biking was still my biggest passion, and I rode for fun and was heavily involved with the bike community. I led group rides, managed female ride groups and a race team, and was on a trail society. 

 I then moved to Ontario in 2019 and wanted to be an encourager to ignite confidence and fun for the bike community here, so I pursued some additional training and received my Professional Mountain Bike Instructor certificate.

When you are out on the trails with me, you'll get lost in a world where your dreams become a reality in learning, playful and fundamental skills and an over-all-feel-good attitude whether we are pedalling up or shredding down the trails! 


Happy trails,


Assistant Coach

Director of Inspiration