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Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Gifts ideas that all mountain bikers will love to unwrap.

It's that time of year again! We thought we'd share some gift ideas that all mountain bikers will love to unwrap this holiday season. Not only ones that they will like - but also need to!

Replace those stinky or worn-out gloves with the best mountain bike gloves for grabbin' bars and beers. Who doesn't love some fun style for the trails?!

Fanny-Pack or Reservoir Cleaning Kit

A riding fanny-pack is perfect for all types of rides to make sure they are heading out prepared for their adventures without being weighed down.

A cleaning kit will make it easy and enticing to keep hydration reservoirs squeaky clean and fresh.

Flat Pedals & Shoes

The proper pedals and shoe combo are vital for finding confidence early on. Help newer riders get set up for success by setting them up on proper flat pedals and riding shoes.

MTB Helmet

A fresh lid to keep their noggin' safe is always a great idea! Did you know that helmets should be replaced every five years?

Riding Jacket

Ride in varying conditions or extend their season with the proper gear. A good waterproof and breathable jacket is the best piece of gear to have on those dreary and drizzly days.

Bike Cleaning Kit

A clean bike is a happy bike! Make cleaning bikes a fun process with the right tools.

Fender & Frame Protection

With the bike shortage we've seen during the pandemic, adding a new fender or frame protection wrap can make an old bike feel new again, especially without breaking the bank.

Skip the wrapping...

Give them a gift card to your local indoor bike parks, such as Joyride 150, The Yard or B-Line. Or purchase a membership to their local mountain bike association (those funds help build and maintain MTB trails).

Shop to support local and small businesses this holiday season. We appreciate your support!

Treat that special someone to the best gift ever - a mountain bike experience with Minii Adventures!

Happy gifting!

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