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School of Tech 

The School of Tech is a mountain biking school and community designed for intermediate-level mountain bikers to safely take their riding to the next level and meet other like-minded riders.

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Location: Don Valley

Don Valley

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Location: Durham


What past Riders   have to say.... 

I took a gamble and signed up for an intermediate clinic based on nothing more than a web search. I didn't have a single personal reference and so was prepared for this to be a miss. Well five weeks in and I can't wait to sign up for more. It has been an excellent experience and my riding has stepped up a few notches. The folks that coach these clinics (I've worked with two) are extremely good riders (an obvious prerequisite) but also excellent teachers in that they are knowledgeable, patient, kind, non-judgmental and know when to motivate a rider to push their limits. Frankly - they are also just good humans to ride with.


I got everything I hoped for on the School of Tech course. I improved my riding skills, met some cool people, had a ton of fun. Since completing the 6 week course, I’m tackling more challenging trails with confidence, clearing obstacles that I used to bail on, and just generally enjoying my riding more. I hit a few Strava segments PRs too. 


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