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Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing An Experience

choosing an experience

How do I know which School is right for me?

You should be comfortably executing the Skills & Techniques and Fitness rating and comfortably riding the trails listed in the Trail Rating to be the right candidate for each School. Rate Your Skill Level Here.

School of Dirt [Glazed | Chocolate Dipped]

Designed for riders who are new to mountain biking, either in their first or second year of trail riding and struggling to figure out the basics. The goal is to learn the fundamental skills to build a strong foundation on the bike.

School of Tech [Vanilla Sprinkles | Boston Cream]

Designed for riders who are in their third or fourth year of trail riding and are struggling to take their riding to the next level. These riders are looking to ride more intermediate (blue) trails and maybe dabble on some black diamond trails. The goal is to refine the fundamental skills and apply them to more advanced techniques and maneuvers.

Shred School [Jelly | Maple Bacon]

Designed for advanced-level mountain bikers to safely conquer challenging obstacles and start adding more speed, style and flow to their riding and meet other like-minded riders.

I have something specific I would like to work on - which Experience should I book?

If you have specific goals that do not match any of the schools' outlines (Dirt, Tech, or Shred), then a Private Experience is the best way to go.

What is the average of participants in the School of Dirt, Tech or Shred School?

On average, students in our classes are in their 30s-50s and the groups are all co-ed.

Payment & Gift  Certificates


I have a gift certificate - how do I redeem it?

Begin by selecting the Experience of your choice or hit 'Book Now' to plan your MTB Experience. Follow the booking steps. When you get to our Payment Page, you will apply the gift certificate - look for the blue gift/button in the top left labelled "Gift Certificate." Enter the gift certificate number found under the barcode on the certificate you received.

Do I need a PayPal Account to register?

You do not need a PayPal account to register for our events. If you wish to pay via credit card, please hit "Pay with a credit or Visa Debit Card." It will send you through as a Guest.

Preparation & Equipment


What do I need to bring / what equipment do I need?

Please refer to our "How to Prepare" page for a checklist to prepare for your lesson or event.

Do you rent or provide bikes?

We do not rent or provide bikes or equipment. Participants must supply their own mountain bikes in good working order.

Can I use my e-bike?

E-Bikes are permitted so long as the trail system permits them. We ask that you respect the pace and spacing in the group. Please note that our Group Experiences are designed specifically for standard mountain bikes. If there is something specific you would like to work on related to your e-bike, we suggest booking a Private Experience Package.

Private Experiences


I'm stuck trying to book a Private Experience - How do I book a Private Experience?

Check out these detailed instructions if you have difficulty booking a Private Experience Package...

How to book a Private Experience Package

Whom do you teach? I heard you only teach women.

We teach men and women ages eighteen (18) and older. All skill levels, from beginner to advanced, are encouraged.

Where do you run your lessons?

We host our Private Lessons at Durham Forest, Dagmar North and the Don Valley. Our Indoor Lessons are hosted at Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park. The specific meeting location is sent to you via email after booking.

What will we cover in a Private Experience?

We customize every lesson based on the registration form you complete at booking. We will also adapt based on our initial rider & equipment assessment during our pre-lesson chat and the warm-up for each lesson.

How should I spread out my Private Experiences?

The best way to see progression in your riding is to spread your lessons out about 2 -4 weeks apart. This way, you will have the opportunity to get out and ride and practice what was covered in the previous lesson and check back in again before any bad habits might have a chance to form.

Which Package Should I book (2 or 3 lessons)?

Lessons are best structured when we can stick to 1-2 main goals per lesson. The more goals and skills you'd like to learn or better, the more lessons you should book.



Weather - What if it rains or calls for rain or bad weather?

Please refer to our weather policies (based on the Experience you signed up for) on our Booking Policies Page.



What if I can't make it to my lesson, class or event/clinic?

Please refer to our cancellation policies (based on the Experience you signed up for) on our Booking Policies Page.

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