Frequently Asked Questions

Whom do you teach? I heard you only teach women. 

Private Lessons, Indoor Private Lessons & Downhill Lesson: 

We teach men, women and youth ages 8 and older. All skill levels from beginner to advanced are encouraged. 

Clinics & Events:

Participants will vary from each Clinic or Event but will be specified on the Clinic/Event page. 

Virtual Private Lessons:

Available for men and women ages 18+.

Where do you run your lessons?

Private Lessons:

We primarily host our Private Lessons in Durham Forest, Dagmar and the Don Valley. We occasionally offer Private Lessons at Horseshoe Bike Park and Copeland Forest. If you have a particular location not mentioned above we would be happy to accommodate your request. Travel fees may be applicable. 

Indoor Private Lessons:

Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park

Downhill Lessons:

Horseshoe Bike Park. 

Clinics & Events:

Locations will vary but will be specified on the Clinic/Event page. Customized Clinics can be hosted at your location of choice. Travel fees may be applicable. 


Virtual Private Lessons:

We utilize Zoom online. 

How do I book a Private Lesson?

Private Lessons:

Please click the "Book Now" button on the Private Lessons Page.

Virtual Private Lessons:

Please click the "Book Now" button on the Virtual Private Lesson Page. 

What will we cover in a Private Lesson or Clinic/Event?

Private Lessons, Indoor Private Lessons, and Virtual Private Lessons:

We customize every lesson based on the registration form you complete at the time of booking, but will also be adapted based on our initial rider & equipment assessment during our pre-lesson chat and the warm-up of the lesson.

Clinics & Events:

The content and skills will vary but will be specified on the Clinic/Event page. 

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