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Level Up Workshop Series

What if there was a way to pick up right where you left off, or better yet, continue levelling up your riding skills and confidence throughout the winter?

With the departure of the riding season, most riders park their mountain bike for the winter months, resorting to Zwfit or mindless trainer miles. But when the spring rolls around again, many find the first little while of riding the trails challenging and spend a lot of time just trying to build back up the skills and confidence they worked so hard all last summer to get. Keep your skills sharp this winter and your hands warm in the comfort of Joyride 150's indoor facility!

The Level Up Workshop Series is designed for intermediate/advanced riders looking to level up their bike skills this winter. Led by the experts at Minii Adventures, you'll keep improving your MTB skills in a safe and fun environment. Don't let your skills rust when you can join us to sharpen them instead! Joyride's indoor facility offers a unique opportunity to introduce, practice and develop mountain bike skills all year round. Consistent and dedicated time practicing your bike skills is the best way to see progression.

JOYRIDE 150 s the largest indoor bike park in Canada, with over 100,00 sq ft of riding for all abilities. Featuring beginner to expert sections, cross country trails, pump tracks, jump lines, skinnies, and much more, making it the perfect facility to keep working on your mountain bike goals and confidence during the colder months.

Indoor lessons are now Closed   for the season 

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4 Week Intermediate/
Workshop Series

When you graduate from the The Level Up Workshop Series, you will:

Be more relaxed and comfortable on the trails

 Walk your bike less and experience less frustration with challenging obstacles and trails

Ride safer

✓ Increase your confidence

Have a strong foundation on the bike

Have a better relationship with your bike

✓ Have new people to connect and ride with

 Have a new way that you enjoy improving your fitness & health


The Level Up Workshop Series was created for those who are

> Intermediate and advanced level riders who have a strong foundation on the bike. You've got a few years of riding under your wheels.


> Struggling to ride with more flow and control.


> Frustrated with not being able to ride sections of the trail and tired of walking your bike around them, crashing, and maybe injuring yourself.


> Wanting to ride more challenging obstacles such as logovers, rock gardens, skinnies and get airtime safely.

> Seeing what other riders are conquering and can't figure it out.


> Looking for people to ride with and a community of like-minded riders to be a part of.


> Looking for an active hobby that you enjoy and will improve fitness and health.

What you will Learn in The Level Up
Workshop Series

This Workshop Series aims to give you the space to practice different skills and stations, but our professional coaches will meet you where you're at. We plan out the workshops based on the registration forms and the skills you select.


We spend about 30 min on each area per session and revisit them each week. Stations can include pumping/rhythm/flow (i.e. pump track), jumping, skinnies, Cross Country course, slow speed skills & bike handling (i.e. bunnyhops, track stands, drills for bike handling & control).

All Skills and Stations are transferable to the trails!


/ Intro to Joyride

Learn the Park's layout & flow. Discover all of the stations & what you can practice at each. 

/ Slow Speed Skills

Build proper balance and control over the bike without relying on speed and allowing you to slow things down and ride more smoothly.

/ Skinnies

Tackle technical lines & features to test your skills and help you progress.

/ Pumping, Rhythm & Flow

Ride the pump tracks for improved riding efficiency and a full-body workout.

/ Jumping

Get comfortable with air time and improve your technique.

/ Send It!

Take all of your newly learned skills and apply them to the 800m Cross-Country mountain bike trail featuring climbs & descents, log-overs, rock gardens & other features.


Build confidence. Ride safer. Meet other riders.

Have more fun on the trails. 

Class Highlights

4 x 2 Hour sessions learning from  professional mountain bike instructors.

Dirt Jumper Rental Bike for the entire program [we do not recommend using a mountain bike for the program]

3 Hour All-access pass to Joyride for the entire program- stay the hour after the class!

Small Group Sizes (max eight riders): To ensure an effective, safe and personal learning experience

Personalized Feedback & Video Analysis

Weekly Skills Recap

A private online platform to connect with your fellow students and coach

The Details 


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm 


x4 Wednesday

Round 1: January 10 - 31 

Round 2: February 14 - March 6



Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park 

Indoor classes are closed  for the season.

It's time to get Outside! >

Skill Level

Boston Cream | Jelly | Maple Bacon

Available for

Riders ages 19+


$499 + HST 

What past Riders   have to say.... 

Great experience with Minii Adventures, joined for the Level Up program at Joyride150 indoor bike park. Learned a few new skills to use out on the trails, met a bunch of cool fellow mountain bikers and overall had a blast! 10/10 would recommend to family and friends :)


Highly recommend this team of coaches. I joined a group private lesson held at Joyride 150, and it was amazing to see the skills I gained. Don't hesitate, invest in yourself!


We can't wait to ride with you!


If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ Page, or drop us a line below.

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