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Outdoor Private Experiences

Are you:

Ready to take your riding to a new level?

Have specific riding goals but don't know where to begin?

Just starting out and want one-on-one support?

Minii Adventures can help!

Private experiences are the most effective way to progress and reach your personal riding goals so that you can ride more confidently, efficiently and have more fun on the trails.


Available for riders 18+.
All skill levels are encouraged. 

The best upgrade to any bike is a better rider

The Benefits  of Private Experiences

> Focused one-on-one coaching.


> Drills and exercises tailored specifically to your current skill level and desired goals and performed either in a controlled environment with man-made features and obstacles or on a specific trail setting.


>  Immediate feedback (the key to successful learning!) through your coach's assessment and video analysis. 


> Our unique and dynamic coaching methods allow you to progress quickly and safely.


> A greater understanding of your bike and, therefore, an improved relationship between you and your bike.


> Guaranteed progress after one package and even further progression with multiple packages.

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The Details 

What's Included

​2-Hour Private Lesson purchased in a package of 2 or 3 lessons.

Customized lesson plan.

✓ Post-lesson report card - this is your 'Practice-Makes-Progress Report' for ongoing success (including video and material from the lesson).


Trail Hub, Dagmar North, Durham Forest

Skill Level

All skill levels are encouraged. Rate your skill level here.

Available for

1 - 6 riders ages 18+

Booking Policy

Price is per package, subject to HST, booking policies, and travel fees.

Must be used within 12 months of purchase date.

Package is for the student(s) named at the time of booking & registration and cannot be shared with other students.


The Packages

Package of 2 > 2-Hour Private Lessons

This package is perfect for riders wanting focused one-on-one coaching with a couple of specific goals in mind (i.e. log-overs, jumping, bunnyhops, etc.). All skill levels are encouraged.

Package of 3 > 2-Hour Private Lessons

The best way to progress your riding and build your confidence is through multiple lessons. This package is perfect for riders wanting focused one-on-one coaching that need a little extra support to accomplish their goals. All skill levels are encouraged.


Coach  Availability 

> The below calendar is a general overview of when each coach is available for private lessons. These dates do not guarantee availability. Upon checkout, updated availability for each coach will be shown. 

> Don't see a date you're looking for? Occasionally, we can accommodate lessons outside of our regular schedule. Send us an email to inquire.

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Book Now!

We can't wait to ride with you!



If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ Page, or drop us a line below.

What past Riders   have to say.... 

The amount I learned in 6 hours of sessions with Coaches Charlotte and JF was incredible!!! They're incredibly patient, kind and explain new techniques in a way that not only makes sense, but makes applying it quickly a breeze. Regardless of your skill level as a MTBer, if there's something you want to learn and have been putting it off/too afraid/etc. I can pretty much GUARANTEE that any session with Minii Adventures will have you not only meeting your goals, but flying past them.


I’ve been riding for years and Just finished two private lessons with Charlotte. What a great experience. Fixed several years of bad habits. I’ve had very little time to practice what we worked on and my riding is already smoother. Can’t wait to keep working on the new skills I’ve learned and riding more challenging trails. Thank you Charlotte.


Did a 1-on-1 private experience package to make sure I had a strong skills foundation. The experience was great. Charlotte was extremely knowledgeable, skilled and a great teacher. Got a lot of great feedback that I was able to incorporate right away. I feel much more confident in my positioning and am much more comfortable taking on speed. She also provided excellent insights and strategies for attacking different features. Highly recommended.


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