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How to Prepare for Your MTB Experience and What to Bring With You


Ready to Learn

Check your ego at the door. Bring a positive attitude and an open mind, and get ready to learn!


Check the weather

Make sure you plan accordingly. The weather doesn't always cooperate, and it never hurts to be prepared. If in doubt, pack a rain jacket, change of clothes, and towel.


Dress Appropriately

Wear comfortable athletic or cycling / mountain biking apparel. Avoid wearing loose-fitting pants/bottoms and clothing. Layers are never a bad idea!



Helmets are mandatory! They have a shelf life, so if your helmet is five years or older, it's time to replace it and get a new one!


Mountain Bike

Students must bring their own mountain bike in good working order. A good mountain bike can make all the difference in learning new skills and feeling more confident on the trails. Make sure your bike is the proper size for you and well maintained. Bikes must have 2" wide treaded tires, disc brakes and at least front suspension— the more current the bike, the better. Please ensure your bike is in proper working order well before your lesson or class. If in doubt, take it into your local bike shop for a tune-up.


Pedals & Shoes

Use the pedals that you are comfortable riding! While flat pedals are best and recommended for learning proper technique and eliminating any additional risks, if you usually ride clipped in and are new to riding flats, it will take the focus away from learning other skills. Ensure you are wearing the appropriate shoe to match your pedals. Shoes that work best with flat pedals are Five Ten Free Riders or a flat, grippy skate shoe such as Vans.


Hydration Pack

Please bring a small backpack/hydration pack [preferably a cycling-specific one] that has straps to keep it snug and secure to your body. Trust us; you don't want a bag flopping around on your back. This will allow you to carry your own water, snacks, extra clothing and tools/parts.


Tools & Spare Inner Tube

The spare tube is very important! Make sure to pack a spare inner tube that fits your wheel size (26", 27.5" or 29"). Drop by your local bike shop and pick one up if you don't already have one. Bring any additional tools such as a multi-tool, chain tool, tire levers, hand pump, etc., that you are comfortable using. Your coach will always have these tools as well, but it never hurts to start the habit of being prepared.


Water & Snacks

Don't let hunger and low energy spoil a great lesson. Trust us; your brain will work just as hard as your body. Always pack enough water and snacks for at least 2-hours on the trails, and bring extras for after your lesson or class.



Bug spray and sunscreen are recommended based on location and time of year. 


Additional Protection

We recommend wearing knee and/or shin pads and elbow pads, although they are not mandatory. Additionally, we recommend wearing cycling gloves and glasses.

What to Expect During Your MTB Experience

What to Expect durin

Meet & Greet

Meet your coach at the designated meeting spot. After intros, your coach will review the lesson plan for the lesson or class and ensure it aligns with your riding goals [you can specify these in your registration form at the time of booking].


Bike & Equip. Inspection

Safety first! Your coach will do an equipment check with you and run you through an 'ABC Pre-Ride Bike Check.'


Warm Up

All good rides start with a proper warm-up! Don't be nervous, but your coach will be assessing your riding ability and bike fit. Suggestions and adjustments will be made as necessary to your bike fit.


Skills & Drills

Focusing on skill-building and your progression, our professional, knowledgeable and inspiring instructors break down skills & techniques into simple and actionable steps that are easy to remember. Starting in a safe and controlled environment, your coach will explain and demo the skills and have you run through various drills to learn and explore them.


Trail Ride

It's time to take your newly learned skills to the trails for real and practical application. Your coach will select specific trails to maximize learning and practice within your ability and comfort level.


Personalized Feedback

You'll receive clear, concise and direct feedback through observation and video analysis throughout the lesson or class.


Wrap Up & Connect

For most of our lessons and classes, you will receive post-lesson notes, saved ride routes, videos, and access to online resources and ongoing support.


Practice Makes Progress

Practice makes progress! Don't forget to practice your homework between lessons and classes.

We can't wait to ride with you!

If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ Page, or drop us a line below.

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