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School of  Shred 

You’ve got the skills; now let us teach you how to add more speed, style and flow to your riding.


Designed for advanced-level mountain bikers to safely conquer challenging obstacles, confidently get air time on jumps/drops, and increase their speed, all while meeting other like-minded riders at the same level.

 Registration is Open! 

6 Week Learn to Shred   Program

When you graduate from the School of Shred, you will:

Be in control, no matter the obstacle in front of you

 Safely ride tight, winding, or steep sections

 Tackle advanced obstacles and features with ease

Feel confident getting air on jump or drop lines

 Increase your speed while making smart, quick trail choices

Execute refined braking & acceleration on twisty, featured trail

 Have new riding partners that are at the same level as you

 Be able to explore more advanced trail networks with ease


The School of Shred  was 
created for those who are

> Passionate, experienced mountain bikers in their 4th+ year of trail riding.


> Looking to increase speed while maintaining control on technical, winding or steep trails.


> Confident riders who want to learn insider tips and tricks to add style to their riding and quickly make effective line or braking choices on the trail.


> Ready to ride more challenging and difficult obstacles such as big rocky obstacles, gulleys with G-Outs and techy steep sections with ease.


> Keen to drop into black trails with drops or jumps and execute these features confidently.

> Aspiring to meet and ride with others at your level.


> Passionate about being in nature, out on the trails and exercising in an adventurous way.

What you will Learn in School of Shred

Our professional, knowledgeable and inspiring instructors break down the below, advanced skills, into simple and actionable steps that are easy to remember.


While the focus of the School of Shred is to spend more time riding advanced trails, we’ll utilize drills to practice them first in a safe and controlled environment before taking our newly learned skills to the trails! By the end of the School of Shred, you will be comfortably, confidently, and consistently executing the following advanced skills:

Please note:

  • It is highly recommended you complete our School of Tech before joining School of Shred to ensure you have the proper foundation for this School.

  • The course outline and trails ridden may be altered at the coach's discretion to accommodate the skill level of the group and location.


/ Pumping, Speed & Flow

Create more speed, ride descents faster, and increase flow in your riding.

/ Advance Your Cornering

Add more tools and techniques to your cornering toolbox to conquer high-speed flat & bermed corners and smoothly navigate those slow & tight switchbacks (up & down).

/ Ride Challenging Obstacles

Confidently execute the techniques to safely ride obstacles such as big rock obstacles, rock gardens, skinnies, and man-made features.

/ Advanced Maneuvers

Learn to be playful and explore what you and your bike can do with advanced maneuvers such as wheelies, endos, track-stands, bunnyhops.

/ Conquer Techy Climbs

When the going gets tough, learn how to get over ledges efficiently, better pace yourself, and tackle those seemingly unbeatable techy uphills.

/ Confidently Ride Downhills

Ride downhill at speed with confidence and make steep gulleys and G-outs feel like a rollercoaster.

/ Intro to Jumping [up to 5’]

Let’s get some airtime and build the foundation properly for safe progression.

/ Intro to Drops [Up to 3’]
Let’s drop it like it’s hot with the proper foundation and understanding of how to ride drops.

Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 12.45_edited.jpg

Build confidence. Ride safer. Meet other riders.

Have more fun on the trails. 

Package Highlights

6 x 2 Hour sessions learning from  professional mountain bike instructors.

Small Group Sizes to ensure an effective, safe and personal learning experience.

Personalized Feedback & Video Analysis

Weekly individualized Practice-Makes-Progress Reports for ongoing success.

A private online platform to connect with your fellow students and coach.

Graduation Party on the final night.

The Details 

Location | Time | Dates

Classes run weekly on Thursday in Dagmar.


Upcoming Classes:

May 4 - June 8 | 5:30 - 7:30pm SOLD OUT

Aug 24 - Sept 28 | 5:30 - 7:30pm 

Skill Level

Jelly | Maple Bacon

Available for

Men & women ages 19+


$449 + HST 

What past Riders   have to say.... 

I've been riding for many years, even doing some advanced stuff, but the coaches showed me how to do things that I was never able to do (or at least, do well, or fast!). The afternoon spent sessioning & riding the trails with Charlotte proved just how awesome the skill learning was! Cleared some gnarly stuff with focus and confidence, and felt amazing with my progress!


An all-around excellent course. Charlotte certainly is technically very advanced. She quickly built up a skill set from week one through to our final week of being able to jump obstacles and do more technically advanced features.


The pace is solid and the learning is critical. You go from being somebody who rides a mountain bike to someone who knows how to position themselves appropriately given the terrain, braking strategies, how to take jumps and how to get over obstacles with relative ease.


After the program, you’ll be far more confident because you actually know what you are doing rather than guessing at most of it. I highly recommend the course and Charlotte!


We can't wait to ride with you!


If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ Page, or drop us a line below.

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