School of Dirt 

Are you a new mountain biker struggling to figure out what to do on the trails, leaving you feeling frustrated, fearful, and walking your bike? 


The School of Dirt is a mountain biking school and community designed for beginner mountain bikers to build their confidence on the trails, ride safer and meet other like-minded riders.

Outdoor lessons are now Closed   for the season 

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6 Week Learn-to-MTB   Program

When you graduate from the School of Dirt, you will:

Be more relaxed and comfortable on the trails

 Walk your bike less and experience less frustration

Ride safer

✓ Increase your confidence

Have a strong foundation on the bike

✓ Have new people to connect and ride with

 Have a new way that you enjoy improving your fitness & health


The School of Dirt was created for those who are

> New to mountain biking, either in your first, second or maybe your third year of trail riding. Someone recently introduced you to the trails, or maybe COVID helped motivate you to get outdoors.


> Struggling with putting the pieces together and still unsure of what you're doing on the trails.


> Wanting to ride comfortably and confidently. You don't want to be fearful anymore.


> Frustrated with not being able to ride sections of the trail and are tired of walking your bike a lot, crashing, and maybe even injuring yourself.


> Looking for people to ride with and a community to be a part of.


> Looking for an outdoor hobby that you enjoy and will improve fitness and health.

What you will Learn in the School of Dirt

Our professional, knowledgeable and inspiring instructors break down the below fundamental skills into simple and actionable steps that are easy to remember.


Utilizing drills, we’ll practice them first in a safe and controlled environment before taking our newly learnt skills to the trails! By the end of the School of Dirt, you will be comfortably, confidently and consistently executing the below fundamental skills.


/ Trail Scanning & Line Selection

How to better read the trail and become a proactive rider instead of getting caught off guard by obstacles.

/ Bike Setup and Maintenance

We'll show you how to prepare your bike for riding, how to do a safety check, and how to set up your bike for you.

/ Braking

Confidently control your speed and learn how to safely use both brakes (yes, the front brake too!)

/ Body Positioning & Balance

Learn a variety of body positions that will help you stay relaxed and mobile through various terrain.

/ Gearing & Shifting

Learn how to select the appropriate gear to pedal efficiently in various terrain and avoid unnecessary fatigue.

/ Front-Wheel Lifts

Learn how to lighten up the front wheel over small obstacles (up to 6") to help smoothen out your ride.


/ Climbing

Climb hills with efficiency and avoid unnecessary fatigue.

/ Descending

Ride down hills with confidence with the correct body position and proper braking techniques.

/ Cornering

Learn the basics to help you navigate tight and twisty trails.

/ Mounting & Dismounting Your Bike

Comfortably and safely get on and off our bike in various terrain.

Build confidence. Ride safer. Meet other riders.

Have more fun on the trails. 

Package Highlights

6 x 2 Hour sessions learning from  professional mountain bike instructors.

Small Group Sizes to ensure an effective, safe and personal learning experience.

Personalized Feedback & Video Analysis

Weekly individualized Practice-Makes-Progress Reports for ongoing success.

A private online platform to connect with your fellow students and coach.

Graduation Party on the final night.

The Details 

Location | Time | Dates

Classes run weekly at both Durham Forest (Main Parking Lot) and the Don Valley (E.T. Seton Park)

Outdoor classes are closed  for the season.

Subscribe to the Weekly Send to be the first to hear about 2023 dates and upcoming indoor classes!

Skill Level

Glazed | Chocolate Dipped

Available for

Men & women ages 19+


$399 + HST 

What past Riders   have to say.... 

I really enjoyed this course a lot! Being a long time roadie, I wasn’t sure how much I would learn. Figured I was probably saving myself years of trying to learn what I was taught by Charlotte in just a few weeks...without the bad habits! 

Charlotte is very positive, very well versed in the technical aspects of riding, and really inspired confidence in our group. You could not find a more cycling passionate instructor who loves what she does. Well done Charlotte. Looking forward to more classes next year!


Charlotte is an excellent instructor! This program is well thought out and the progression of sessions allowed me to build a lot of confidence in my riding as my skills developed.

I really appreciate how she was very tuned in to the needs of the individuals in the group and was able to respond with technical advice and encouragement when it was needed. I highly recommend her as an instructor and look forward to more opportunities to learn from her!


We can't wait to ride with you!


If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ Page, or drop us a line below.