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School of Tech 

Feeling lost and confused when riding a new trail? Struggling to navigate those tricky obstacles and trail features despite scouring through YouTube tutorials and riding alongside friends? Does progress feel like a bumpy and uncomfortable distant destination?


In the School of Tech, we're all about turning your ride around. Let us guide you away from the bad habits and instead introduce techniques that will fine-tune your riding, boost your confidence, and transform those bumpy trails and obstacles into safer, effortless and efficient adventures that will have you leading the group.


Let's pave the way for smoother, more exciting rides together! See you in class!

 Registration is Open! 

6 Week Better-Your-MTB   Program

After Graduating From The School of Tech, Get Ready To:

Leave the bad habits behind that were holding you back.

 Navigate the trails with control, even in the more challenging sections!

 Utilize invaluable tips and techniques to accelerate your riding progress taught by experienced coaches. 

Make safe and informed decisions while on the trails that keep you in the driver's seat. 

 Approach harder obstacles with confidence instead of fear.

 Connect with fellow riders at your level and form a crew of riding buddies.

 Embrace the opportunity to spend more time outdoors exploring new trails with your enhanced skills set. 

Better your mountain bike program

The School of Tech was created for riders who are:

> Comfortable with the basics and are already exploring blue and some black level trails but not clearing or riding the obstacles or trail features. 


> Failing to ride obstacles or challenging sections of the trail safely despite watching every YouTube tutorial or trying to follow a friend. 


> Frustrated with avoiding or walking certain trails or obstacles and feeling like you're holding the group back.


> Looking to take their riding to the next level by learning from a professional who can identify bad habits and teach you the correct techniques, expediting your riding progression. 


> Eager to confidently ride obstacles such as logovers, small drops, and man-made features and navigate rock gardens, rooty sections, and rocky downhills/ uphills, with proper technique that makes it fun, safe and easier.

> Aspiring to meet and ride with others at your level. 


> Passionate about being in nature, out on the trails and exercising in an adventurous way.

What you will Learn in the School of Tech

We've all been there and want to spare you from learning the hard way! Our professional, knowledgeable, and inspiring instructors break down the skills and techniques below into simple and actionable steps that are fun to learn and easy to remember. 


Each week has a new focus, and utilizing specific drills, you'll practice them first in a safe and controlled environment before taking your newly learned skills to the trails! By the end of the School of Tech, you will be comfortably, confidently, and consistently executing the following:

Bike Set up and line selection

/ Bike Setup and Maintenance

We'll show you how to prepare your bike for riding, how to do a safety check, and how to set up your bike for you.

/ Body Positioning Balance

Refine and correct the fundamental body positions that will help you stay relaxed and mobile through more advanced terrain.

/ Braking & Gearing

Refine and correct braking and gearing/shifting techniques to ride with control and efficiency.

/ Better Bike Handling Skills

Learn techniques such as trackstands to challenge and better your balance and bike handling skills when things slow down or get tough.

/ Line Selection

Improve your ability to read the trail and make on-the-fly decisions to safely and successfully navigate the trail's rooty and rocky sections.   

/ Climbing

Conquer rooty and rocky climbs with efficiency and avoid unnecessary fatigue.

Screen Shot 2021-05-22 at 11.07_edited.jpg

/ Descending

Tackle technical rooty and rocky descents with confidence.

/ Cornering

Learn the techniques to safely ride berms, easily ride switchbacks, and back-to-back corners.

/ Front & Back Wheel Lifts

Smoothen your riding and improve efficiency by lifting both wheels over obstacles.

/ Small Drops

Introduction to riding small drops (up to 12") so you can flow down hills and carry your speed. 

Build confidence. Ride safer. Meet other riders.

Have more fun on the trails. 

Class Highlights

6 x 2 Hour sessions learning from  professional mountain bike instructors.

Small Group Sizes to ensure an effective, safe and personal learning experience.

Personalized Feedback & Video Analysis

Weekly individualized Practice-Makes-Progress Reports for ongoing success.

A private online platform to connect with your fellow students and coach.

Graduation Party on the final night.

The Details 

Location | Time | Dates

Classes run weekly at both Durham Forest (Main Parking Lot) and the Don Valley (E.T. Seton Park)


Tuesdays | May 7 - June 11 | SOLD OUT

Tuesdays | Aug 20 - Sept 24 | 5:30-7:30 PM

Don Valley

Thursdays | May 9 - June 13 | SOLD OUT

Wednesdays | May 8-June 12 | 5:30-7:30 PM

Thursdays | Aug 15-29 & Sept 19-Oct 3 | 5:30-7:30 PM

Skill Level

Vanilla Sprinkles | Boston Cream

Available for

Riders ages 19+


$449 + HST 

What past Riders   have to say.... 

I took a gamble and signed up for an intermediate clinic based on nothing more than a web search. I didn't have a single personal reference and so was prepared for this to be a miss. Well five weeks in and I can't wait to sign up for more.


It has been an excellent experience and my riding has stepped up a few notches. The folks that coach these clinics (I've worked with two) are extremely good riders (an obvious prerequisite) but also excellent teachers in that they are knowledgeable, patient, kind, non-judgmental and know when to motivate a rider to push their limits. Frankly - they are also just good humans to ride with.


I got everything I hoped for on the School of Tech course. I improved my riding skills, met some cool people, had a ton of fun. Since completing the 6 week course, I’m tackling more challenging trails with confidence, clearing obstacles that I used to bail on, and just generally enjoying my riding more. I hit a few Strava segments PRs too.


We can't wait to ride with you!


If you have any questions, please check out our FAQ Page, or drop us a line below.


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