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At Minii Adventures our mission is to foster the mountain biking community's growth and development by providing positive, educative, and inspiring opportunities for mountain bikers of all abilities. 

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Meet Our Coaches

The coaches at Minii Adventures are a passionate group of Ontario riders that are dedicated to growing the local community of mountain bikers by providing positive and educational mountain biking experiences to riders of all abilities. Read more about us below!

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Hi I'm Charlotte!

AKA Minii Batty


Born and raised on two wheels, I have experienced mountain biking from many angles. With over twenty years in the mountain bike industry, my relationship with the bike began by chasing my older siblings around at races and handing out bottles in the feed zone. 

Recognizing that many people are looking for an entry into the sport from a non-competitive angle, I became a certified professional mountain bike instructor in 2011. I worked to gain as much instructing experience as possible by volunteering for different companies and events around North America and even ran lessons in our local bike park [Blue Mountain] for many years. 

Minii Adventures Mountain Bike Experiences was born in 2017 to create an opportunity to build community and a sense of belonging for other riders with a love for two wheels and the trails. 

+ What is your favourite trail to ride?
My absolute favourite trail to ride is Captain Ahad, nestled in the rocky terrain of Moab, Utah. Locally, I love shredding laps of Trash Panda in the Don Valley. 

+ If you could be any bike part, what would you be and why?
I'd definitely be the dropper post because, for me, the dropper post opens up a whole new level of confidently riding fast, downhill and playing on your bike. I'd say it's the best thing since sliced bread! :D 

What snack would you not be found without while out riding or coaching?
While I pride myself on being the Snack-Queen and always have a bag full of snacks and treats, you'll always find Smart Sweets and trail mix with m&m's in my bag. 

What MTB skill or technique are you currently working on? 
Bunnyhops are a never-ending work-in-progress skill. But I'm also working on adding more style to my riding by adding bar turns and whips to my airtime. 

+ What is a riding or coaching goal you have for the upcoming season?
To successfully launch and run our new advanced School - Shred School! 

Follow Charlotte's riding and coaching adventures > @Minii_Adventures

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Our Core Values

Focus on the Fundamentals

This is your mountain biking foundation and will carry you through all your rides safely and with confidence. 

Own Your Ride

Show up and treat every ride like it's your best one. Don't let judgement or fear of slowing others down prevent you from having your best ride. Try replacing the word 'sorry' with 'thank-you' instead. 

Practice Makes Progress

Mountain biking is practice (much like yoga!), and we are continuously learning and practicing to better our riding. 

Community over Competition

Without community, mountain biking just isn't the same. Be welcoming and inclusive. 

The Small Details

We love a good Dad-Joke, supporting local and donuts. 

It's a good day to ride. 


Meet Our Partners

As a trusted leader in the biking community, Minii Adventures partners with like-minded brands to support and inspire the broader biking community, and introduce its followers to the products and services of its sponsors.

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