Passionate About Inspiring Others

Born and raised on two wheels, I have experienced mountain biking from many angles. With over twenty years in the mountain bike industry, my relationship with the bike began by chasing my older siblings around at races and handing out bottles in the feed zone. When the time came, the chasing evolved into joining my siblings behind the tape competing. The first part of my career saw me racing at a national and international level. I worked hard and claimed many titles and some unique and invaluable experiences as an instructor today. 

Midway through my career, I decided to take a step back from competing. I had so much love for this sport that gave me community, a sense of belonging and raised me to be the strong and determined athlete I am today. But trying to beat the clock just wasn't for me anymore. 
The following season I opted for a different path. I was offered a guiding position with a local women's mountain biking club, and my passion for the sport was immediately reignited by sharing my knowledge and experience with others. 

Recognizing that many people are looking for an entry into the sport from a non-competitive angle, I became a certified profressional mountain bike instructor. I worked to gain as much instructing experience as possible by volunteering for different companies and events around North America and even ran lessons in our local bike park [Blue Mountain] for many years. 

Minii Adventures Mountain Bike Experiences was born to create an opportunity to build community and a sense of belonging for other riders with a love for two wheels and the trails. 

Pedal forward a few years, I teach full time and am recognized throughout North America for my expert instruction. My teaching methods incorporate a relaxed and dynamic approach while encouraging students to smile, curse, and make their own sounds effects as they shred down the trail. 

Charlotte (aka Minii)

Lead Coach

Owner & Chief Experience Officer