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Keep Your MTB Skills Dialled in the Off-Season

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Have you checked out your local indoor bike park?

If you live in a location that allows you to ride year-round, well then, this post probably isn't for you 😉

As the riding season begins to wrap up here in Canada, most riders will likely park their MTBs to hit the slopes, jump on a trainer, or take a little hibernation. But what happens to all that hard work you put in this season learning that new skill or technique like bunnyhops? Or maybe you finally just got some air for the first few times, but your confidence soon fizzles from the lack of riding? Which means that once spring rolls around, you feel like you're a total newbie again or starting from scratch?

🔸 What if there was a way to continue building your confidence?

🔸 What if you could pick up right where you left off?

🔸 What if there was a way to continue levelling up your riding skills and confidence throughout the winter?

Indoor bike parks offer a unique opportunity to introduce, practice and develop mountain bike skills all year round. Consistent and dedicated time practicing your bike skills is the best way to see progression. Plus, you won't lose all that hard work you put in this season.

Various indoor bike parks are popping up all around the country. Have you made it to your local park yet?

Ottawa - The Yard

Maple Ridge & Port Coquitlam [B.C] - Air Rec Centre

We are excited to be offering two new indoor programs at Joyride 150 this winter. Click the links below to learn about our new programs and reserve your spot!

🔸 For Beginners/Novice - Groundworks MTB Fundamentals

🔸 For Intermediate/Advanced - Level Up Workshop Series

Be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know below how you keep progressing your MTB Skills over the winter months or your fav indoor bike park if you're already riding at one ⬇️

✅ See you at Joyride!

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