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New Year, New Skills

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Part 4: Technical Obstacles & Trails

Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, 2020 was our busiest year yet! In particular, we saw a massive increase in the demand for private lessons - not surprising, given the new safety challenges associated with group events and clinics.

Last year, "Technical Obstacles & Trails" came in as the fourth most requested skill development goal for our private lessons. This came as no surprise because everyone loves a challenge, and mountain biking is full of them.

Private lessons are a great way to work one-on-one with an expert who can make sure you have the proper baseline know-how on the bike to execute new and more challenging skills with confidence. If tackling' technical obstacles and trails' is one of your goals for 2021, we can help you achieve that goal!

No perfect and exact template works for every obstacle or feature on the trail, but we've got you covered with a few basics to give a try the next time you come across a roadblock.

  • Don't ride features and obstacles blindly. Take the time to get to know an obstacle and your line choice through it before riding it. Find your bailout options here too.

  • Look at the obstacle as a dinner plate on Thanksgiving (see the whole picture). And then break it down into sections or bite-size pieces.

  • Take three tries, and then move on. If you don't get it right in the first three attempts, move on and save it for another ride to avoid frustration and potential for injury.

  • Momentum and harder gears can be your friend.

  • Build a strong foundation. Work with a professional instructor to build the fundamental skills required.

  • Commit! Get a tow into the obstacle from a trusted riding friend or professional instructor if needed. Once you set off, you have to be committed and mentally envisioning yourself completing the obstacle.

We would love to work with you to ensure you have the proper foundation and confidence to tackle that challenge or technical obstacle you want to conquer.

Book a Private Lesson this spring to get rocking and rolling on your bike. Your first step is completing our Registration Form, so we are best equipped to design the classes just for you!

Find out more on our Private Lessons and how to book here.

Thanks for joining our New Year, New Skills series. We look forward to riding with you in the spring. We'll be back next week with our next Outspokin' on the Blog post.

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