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Trail Etiquette

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Things to keep in mind while using the trails.

As the nicer weather settles in, the days are getting longer, and the trails are getting busier. The trails in Ontario have seen a massive increase in usage, given that our gyms and indoor facilities are seemingly never able to be open. So with that, we want to make sure that everyone enjoys the trails to their fullest potential while avoiding any opportunity for confrontation. Also, with the cycling boom in the past year, many new cyclists on the trails aren't aware of trail etiquette.

Here are some things to keep in mind…

Only Ride Open Trails & Follow All Posted Signage

Only ride trails that are open to mountain bikes.

Respect all trail closures; they are there for a reason to keep you and other users safe.

And please don't trespass.

Leave No Trace

Don't ride when it's wet, or you'll likely end up leaving ruts in the trail.

Don't make the trail wider by riding around obstacles and puddles.

Don't make shortcuts (stay on the existing trails) or alter obstacles.

And remember to pack everything out with you, including all trash.

Stay in Control

Always ride within your limits.

Choose to ride trails within your riding ability.

Learn to brake correctly, so you don't drag your rear wheel around corners.

Make sure to step to the side of the trail when stopped to leave it clear for other users.

Yield Appropriately

Always be friendly and courteous with all trail users. Say things like "hi, please, and thank you."

Mountain bikers should yield to other non-motorized trail users unless the trail is clearly signed for bike-only travel.

Riders travelling downhill should yield to all users headed uphill unless the trail is clearly signed for one-way or downhill-only traffic.

Plan ahead

Be prepared!

Know your equipment.

Carry the necessary items and gear.

Have an idea of your ride route before setting out.

Check-in on the weather, etc.

Follow the above guidelines and always keep the attitude of being kind and courteous to other trail users. There should hopefully be no need for confrontation, and everyone gets to enjoy the trails to their full potential.

Anything we missed that you think should be added? Leave us a comment below!


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