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My mission is simple; to foster the mountain biking community's growth and development by providing positive, educative, and inspiring opportunities for mountain bikers of all abilities. 


Charlotte Batty (aka Minii)


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Book a lesson with expert instructor Charlotte Batty, or join one of our clinics to educate you on the skills, techniques and tactics required to build your confidence, ride safer and have more fun on your bike. Practice makes progress! 



Charlotte Batty

Chief Experience Officer, Lead Coach, Founder/Owner

Hi, I'm Charlotte. I teach full time and am recognized throughout North America for my expert instruction. My teaching methods incorporate a relaxed and dynamic approach while encouraging students to smile, curse and make all their own sounds effects as they shred down the trail. 


Mountain Biking Fundamentals Course

Join expert instructor Charlotte Batty through 24+ online lessons created to accelerate your learning and put you on track to become a confident, knowledgeable and safer mountain biker by mastering the fundamental mountain biking skills. 

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