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 Custom Experiences

Customized experiences are an effective way to connect and engage with your local riding community, clients and members. Minii Adventures' one-of-a-kind professionally customized clinics are tailored to your specific audience and goals.

Gather | Motivate | Ride

Our mission is to foster the mountain biking community's growth and development by providing positive, educative, and inspiring opportunities for mountain bikers of all abilities. 

What Makes Our Experiences  Unique

> Fully customizable. Choose the event style, content, date, time, length and location. Based on availability.


> We guarantee all riders regardless of skill will progress after the clinic. All skill levels are encouraged or the event can be focused on a particular skill level. Riders will be split into groups based on skill level so everyone is learning the appropriate information.


>  We add personal touches and small details that encourage connection between riders and coaches. Small groups (1:6) ensure an effective, safe, and personal learning environment.


> Our coaches are professional, skilled and inspiring. Our enthusiasm and passion for mountain biking bring big energy and good vibes to all our events.  

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Included in Every Custom Experience

Planning & Preparation

​Professional event planning from start to finish.  

Participant registration.

✓ Pre & post-event communication with participants.

✓ Personalized feedback and video analysis for participants. Report cards for ongoing progression are optional.


​Signature basecamp including mobile skills features and obstacles.

Snacks and refreshments throughout the Experience.

✓ Tailored lesson & ride plan to accommodate the participants' skill level, trail system, and Experience goals.

Meet Our Coaches

The coaches at Minii Adventures are a passionate group of Ontario riders that are dedicated to growing the local community of mountain bikers by providing positive and educational mountain biking experiences to riders of all abilities. Read more about us below!

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Private Lessons



Popular Experiences

Skills Clinic

Our most commonly requested Experience.
A mountain bike skills clinic will cover pre-determined skills, techniques and tactics. Skills can be determined by the students or let us plan based on the participants' needs.

Structure: Skills & Drills session (roughly 2.5 hrs) followed by a break and then an afternoon Trail
Ride (roughly 2.5 hrs) to put their new skills to practice.


Guided Ride

Guided mountain bike rides can help riders discover or enhance the experience of a particular trail
system. Rides also include on-trail instruction and how to ride sections of the trails successfully.

Structure: Guided Ride at a length of choosing (roughly 2-4 hours).


MTB Skills Workshop

Similar to our Skills Clinic, MTB Workshops are more informal in structure and allow students to
choose the skills they want to learn or progress.

Structure: Skills & drills at a length of choosing (roughly 2-4 hours).


MTB Skills Jam

MTB Skills Jams are an unstructured skills session for all ability levels where students will focus on the skills they want to focus on. Each student will be working on something different. We set up various features and obstacles for students to practice on and provide support and feedback as necessary.

Structure: Skills Jam at a length of choosing (usually 2-4 hours).

Current Events
Curren evnts
Current Events

Millbrook MTB Skills Sessions

Location: Millbrook

Date: Monday May 13, June 3 and June 24


Time: 5:30 - 8:00 PM

*Millbrook MTB Members Only*

Suitable for all skill levels

Ages 19+


Skills Clinic

Location: Walden Trails (Sudbury)

Date: Saturday June 15


Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

*Walden MTB Club Members Only*

Suitable for all skill levels

Ages 19+

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North Bay
Skills Clinic

Location: North Bay

(Three Towers)

Date: Sunday June 16

Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Open to all

Suitable for all skill levels

Ages 19+


Skills Jams

Location: Trail Hub


 Sunday, May 12 > Only 12 spots available

Sunday, July 14 > Only 18 spots available


Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

*DMBA/YMBA Members Only*

Suitable for all skill levels

Ages 19+


Trail Spotlight

Location: Trail Hub


June 9 > Dagmar North to focus on Skin & Bones

August 11 > Durham Forest to focus on Superfly


Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

*DMBA/YMBA Members Only*

Suitable for Intermediate and Advanced Riders

Ages 19+

Let's Ride!

Schedule a call to get rolling with your custom experience.

I was able to attend a 1-day mini adventure skill jam. As a rider I feel fairly confident trying technical trails and features….I often seek out features to try. I’ve picked up riding technique tips and tricks throughout my life but this was my first time attending a formal training session. Charlotte and JF were the coaches at this event and were both fabulous. They specifically targeted what people were aiming to improve on (eg. Turns, wheel lifts etc) in a closed course setting and then later helped riders apply what they learned on a trail ride.


I was able to appreciate improvements in myself and other riders throughout the day. They were so clear in their instructions and the overall environment was very positive and fun! 10/10 would recommend for new and experienced riders looking to improve their riding. I feel my riding is much smother and energy efficient with what I learned at mini adventures.


We had such a fun day with Minii Adventures during the skills jam in Walden. Incredible coaches - very knowledgeable and super friendly. We learned a lot of new skills / techniques in a really fun environment. I would 100% recommend one of their events and will defined return for the skills jam next year!!


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