Customize Your Experience

Customized experiences are an effective way to connect and engage with your local riding community, clients and members.

Minii Adventures' one-of-a-kind professionally customized clinics are tailored to your specific audience and goals.

Gather. Motivate. Ride.


The Benefits of Customizing Your Experience:

 Fully customize your experience. Choose the event style, content, date, time, length and location.

 All skill levels are encouraged or can be focused on a particular skill level. Riders will be split into groups based on skill level so everyone is learning the appropriate information. We guarantee all riders will progress after the clinic.  

 Small groups (1:6) ensure an effective, safe, and personal learning environment.

 Learn from professional, skilled and inspiring mountain bike instructors. 

What's Included:

 Professional event planning. 

 Participant registration and event communication.

 Tailored ride plan to accommodate the participants' skill level, trail system and goals of the clinic.

 Minii Adventures' signature basecamp including mobile skills features and obstacles.

 Personalized feedback and video analysis for participants. Report cards optional. 

 snacks and refreshments throughout the clinic.

Further Customize With Add-Ons:

+ Lunch & Nutrition: Treat your guests to a hard-earned delicious. and nutritious lunch, locally sourced.

+ Mechanical Workshops: Empower your guests by educating them on how to tune their own bikes. Examples; How to fix a flat or suspension set up.

Yoga: Allow guests to ease into the day with a warm-up flow, or stretch it out after a great day on the bike.

Have a Question or Looking to host a Custom Experience?

Charlotte is so knowledgeable and encouraging - I never felt uncomfortable, and she quickly made me feel more confident on my bike. For any experienced riders, it is clear within seconds that Charlotte is an incredible rider. Minii Adventures has something to offer for every level of rider. I'll definitely join another clinic again! 


I have gained a lot from working with Charlotte. Every time I think I have it figured out, I go out with her and realize how much more there is to learn to give me more confidence and be more efficient on the bike. She has an excellent technical understanding and can convey this information in a way that makes sense.


Trying something new is difficult, and at my age, it's even a little harder. My goals were met, and I had a wonderful time and encountered some wonderful women. I'm still processing what the last weekend means to me in my personal growth. Life is about learning and trying to expand as a human.

Charlotte's steadfast when I felt vulnerable was appreciated, and I will carry this lesson further. Please continue to encourage all women with your teaching and inspiring with your riding.