Mountain Biking Fundamentals

Let's take a walk down memory lane; remember the story, "The Three Little Pigs," and how each Piggy builds a house? The first Pig makes theirs out of straw and the second out of sticks. But, do you remember the third one, who took the time to craft a house out of bricks so it would be a strong and safe home, was the only house that could withstand the big bad wolf's attempts to blow it down?

Building your mountain biking skills is much like the Little Pigs building their homes. Taking the time to build a strong foundation by mastering the fundamental skills (aka building a brick house) will help you become more confident, knowledgeable and safer on the trails. 

Join expert instructor Charlotte Batty through 24+ online lessons that will accelerate your learning and put you on track to become the Little Pig with the brick house - I mean, a confident, knowledgeable and safer mountain biker. 

'Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades' 

What's Included:

+ Access to our student's only Facebook group. Share successes and struggles and get crowdsourced feedback and motivation.

+ Feedback from expert instructor Charlotte Batty. Leave your questions in the lesson for a quick reply. 

Who's This Course For:

+ Beginner riders just starting out

+ Intermediate riders that need a confidence booster

+ Any rider looking for a refresher on the fundamental mountain biking skills 

What You'll Learn:

+ Body Positioning & Balance

+ Braking

+ Gearing & Shifting

+ Pedalling Technique

+ Pressure Control

+ Trail Scanning

+ Line Choice & Decision Making

+ Dismounting & Remounting on hills

+ Cornering fundamentals & Techniques

+ And more!


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