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Lubing Your Chain

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

A simple, yet commonly overlooked task

At Minii Adventures, we coach and work with a variety of ability and experience levels. However, what always gets me is not how many riders are not doing their ABC bike check before each ride, but how few riders are properly lubing their chain, let alone applying it near frequently enough. Your chain needs lubricant to overcome mechanical resistance, prevent rust and wear, and keep your drivetrain in tip-top condition.

If you are one of those riders not regularly lubing your chain, we found a good guide from Singletracks for you to check out. It reviews the different types of chain lube (and when to use them), how to lube your chain, clean your chain and other common questions around chain lubing and maintenance.

If you’re unsure of anything mentioned above, book a Private Lesson to not only progress your skills but to build a deeper understanding and relationship with your mountain bike. We begin every lesson with an ABC*D bike check with our students to help them learn and empower them to be confident with their bikes.

Find out more on our Private Lessons and how to book here.

If you have more questions about your bike maintenance, visit your local bike shop. Our partner, Bateman’s Bike Co, has many in stock lube's and friendly mechanics to help point you in the right direction.

Happy reading and chain maintenance!

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