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MTB Season is Here!

5 Tips to Stay Motivated Throughout the Season.

I can hardly believe that it is mid-May as I write this post! The mountain biking season is in full swing here in Ontario, and I couldn’t be more excited. But it also means there are several long months ahead of mountain biking, and I find it can sometimes be challenging to stay motivated to ride regularly. Here are a few of my personal tips to stay motivated throughout the season.

Set Goals

Before each season, you should map out some goals you would like to work towards and accomplish. Maybe it’s clearing a specific trail or feature, learning a new skill, or participating in your first race - whatever it is will help you stay motivated to ride your bike regularly. Just make sure the goals are realistic and create actionable steps to achieve them.

Check Out New Areas/Trail Systems

*Obviously adhering to Covid-19 policies and travel restrictions* Plan a new area to check out. Whether it’s a day trip to a new trail system nearby or a full-on trip to a mountain bike destination, it will surely spark some excitement around riding again.

Join Your Local MTB Club or Shop Rides

Meeting new people or simply connecting with people to ride with can be a great way to stay motivated. Connect with your local mountain bike club or local bike shop to see their group ride schedule and commit to joining.

Track It

Be sure to keep a log of your rides and adventures. An app like Strava is an excellent way to do this. When you need some motivation, looking back and seeing all of the efforts you’ve put in will motivate you to do more. Even after a long break, holiday or illness, looking back at past rides and seeing success and consistency will show you what you’re capable of doing.


Plan designated rest days throughout the week as needed. Nothing leads to burnout faster than riding non-stop and not giving your body the rest it needs. Rest up and plan the next adventure with your feet up!

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