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Quebec; Your Next MTB Destination

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Time to get planning!

Here in Ontario, restrictions are beginning to ease. Things are getting back to some level of 'normal.' With that, the opportunity to travel to new places and ride our mountain bikes is on the horizon, particularly in Quebec. If you are looking for an adventure on two wheels this summer, I highly recommend planning a trip to the Quebec City area.

Growing up in the cross-country racing circuit, we spent a lot of time racing in Quebec, but always at the usual spots - Mont Tremblant, Bromont, Mont Ste Anne, etc. We often had little time or energy to explore beyond the race course, which left much to be desired in those areas. Fast forward ten-plus years, and a lot of work later, there has been a massive increase in world-class trail systems popping up around Quebec, particularly around Quebec City.

There are multiple trail systems located within roughly an hour's drive from downtown Quebec City. The trails are endless, breathtaking, and sure to leave you wanting more. I recently had the opportunity to get back out to this beautiful province with some time on my hands to explore some of the newer and popular trail destinations. I felt like a kid in a playground whose mom had to drag them out before they hurt themselves because I was so tired from all the fun.

Featuring a little bit of everything, but with a focus on roots and rocks. There was a B.C.-loamy-vibe topped with a touch of Moab when you were on the rock slabs. Minus the extremeness that comes with being in either of those locations, though. While the trails are prime for experienced and adventurous riders, there was a little bit of everything for all skill levels. You could start as mellow as you'd like or get as crazy and gnarly as you'd like. It's your adventure!

My list of must-check-out places includes:

Have another place that you think is worth checking out? Leave us a comment below.

If you're planning a mountain bike trip this summer and looking to improve your skills and gain some confidence before heading out, be sure to book a Private Experience Package with us!

Find out more on our Private Lessons and how to book here.

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I appreciate you doing my research for me! We have a bike trip planned for the first week of August, with a hotel booked in Quebec City. I’m in charge of planning the riding, and my husband has already booked us at some restaurants (he‘s motivated by steak more than biking).

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